Episode 1: Local radio DJ Simon Itani survives a run-in with a shadowy gunman as a mysterious blackout rocks the isolated community of Berlin, New Hampshire.

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“Like everyone else, I’m tethered to technology, and I often think about the effect it’s having on the wiring of our brains and our real-world communities. I also wonder what would happen if all of the gadgets that we’ve become so dependent on were to suddenly become inaccessible.

There’s been so much reporting lately about just how vulnerable the nation’s power grid is that the premise of Blackout seemed very grounded to me. The idea of the grid going down suddenly and society subsequently descending into some form of upheaval is a hyper-realistic scenario. It could happen today, and we’re totally unprepared to deal with the long-term repercussions of a cataclysmic attack on the power grid. 

My favorite part about creating and producing Blackout has been the opportunity to work with so many insanely talented people, all of whom are trying to figure out the relatively new form of storytelling that is a scripted podcast. From the other writers to our sound design and music team to the cast and production crew, everyone has bought in fully to the concept and has been unafraid to take chances and challenge our audience. I’m extremely grateful for that.”

-Scott Conroy, writer and creator of BLACKOUT

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