The One where Chris and Savannah are on some ill “Buddy Cop” shit.

As our series draws to a close, we discuss the possible future of Freaknik, and how Atlanta stays keeping “America Great” again and again and again...

INCEPTION: or Frankly, America... We Actually Really "Give a Damn

The One where Atlanta Segregates Itself as an Outlier in the American South. Freaknik Comes to a Close in "The City Too Busy To Hate"

ARE YOU THERE GOD? IT'S ME, ATLANTA or: Steinem vs. Paglia vs. Uncle Luke

The One where we go to Blue Flame and talk about the complexities of gender politics in Atlanta.

We caught a glimpse of the "dark side" of Freaknik."

THE SOUTH RISES AGAIN or: The Emergence of That "New New" Negro Spiritual

The One where the East & the West get their “Comeuppance."

Freaknik elevates Southern hip hop and Atlanta becomes the Motown of the South.

GRIDLOCK or: The Unbearable Lightness of Being Stuck in Traffic

The One where we “Move Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta."

PRIME REAL ESTATE or: The Hajj 2.0

The One where things get "dark" in the “Black Mecca” ... (literally & metaphorically)

A DIFFERENT WORLD or: The Matriculation of the “Capital” of Dixie

The One where we head to the AUC to talk about HBCU's (A.K.A. Historically Black Colleges and Universities)

"Prologue or: The Abominable Discretion of Youth"

To understand Freaknik, you have to understand Atlanta.

"TEASER: Freaknik is coming"

Endeavor Audio & Mass Appeal present FREAKNIK, a new investigative podcast series. Freaknik is executive produced by Chris Colbert of DCP Entertainment.



Atlanta, Georgia, the Capital of the South: home to Martin Luther King Jr., Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, and way too many strip clubs to mention. Over the course of the past half-century this city has managed to manifest itself as an outlier in a region still wrangling with the legacy of Jim Crow and race relations.

Unlike other municipalities below the Mason-Dixon who for decades following the second Great War were rampant with racially charged unrest... this city kept it cool (for the most part).

Until Freaknik

Freaknik - a celebratory spring break party started by the glitterati of African American college students over the course of 15 years almost brought “The City Too Busy to Hate” to its knees.

What happens when an event built off the ingenuity of young black kids, deemed dangerous, fun, sex driven, and reckless by the establishment reaches the eyes of a nation … and shuts down a city?

This documentary podcast explores Freaknik through the eyes of the artists, students, journalists, business owners, and politicians that experienced the phenomenon while unpacking the rich history of the jewel of the peach state: Atlanta.

Produced by Mass Appeal & Endeavor Audio. “Freaknik: A Discourse on a Paradise Lost” is executive produced by Chris Colbert & DCP Entertainment and created, produced and hosted by Christoper Frierson.



Christopher Frierson is a current Brooklynite hailing from outside Detroit. “Dirty Pictures” (SXSW 2010) and “The House I Live In” (Sundance 2012) are among some of the social documentaries he produced, along with several creative and branded projects at Mass Appeal. His love for uncovering the unknown, hip-hop culture, and his family’s southern roots bore an interest to investigate Freaknik and those who took part in it. Recently nominated for a Grammy for his work on The King (Cannes 2017 / Sundance 2018), Chris is excited to share the Freaknik story with the rest of the world.